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Fit Witch Challenge was started in 2020 to help witches of all shapes, sizes, and kinds live lives of witchy wellness and balance. The Fit Witch Challenge includes 21-days of kitchen witchery, self-care routines, grounding rituals, exercises, and rituals and spells. It’s also a community for like-minded witches to share and celebrate one anothers’ wellness and witchery journeys!

The Fit Witch Challenge’s founder is an eclectic witch, author, and Reiki Master who loves all things comfy, cozy, and magickal. She enjoys hiking, spending time in her witch’s kitchen and garden, reading, wellness, and practicing her craft.

The 5 Challenge Elements

Each of the Fit Witch Challenge guidebooks is correlated with the five elements: Earth (grounding and nature activities), Air (kitchen witchery, meal-planning with recipes), Water (self-care), Fire (action and exercise activities) and Spirit (ritual and spells).

To participate: Simply grab one or more or all of the Fit Witch Guides, follow the elemental challenges you want to focus on (or you feel lacking in your holistic practice), and post and connect with other wellness witches at @fit_witch_challenge

BONUS GUIDES JUST RELEASED, so use them in between personal challenges, in addition to your challenge, or as printables for your Book of Shadows/Grimoire!

How to Join

STEP 1: Grab one or more of the Fit Witch Challenge Guidebooks – OUT NOW!!!

STEP 2: Read your guide(s) and join other wellness witches in 21 days of elemental balance!

STEP 3: Post to IG with the cover of your book, pics of any of your 21-day challenges, or any other witchy wellness inspiration you have! Tag @fit_witch_challenge and use hashtag #fitwitchchallenge or the corresponding element hashtags listed in the guidebooks!

JOIN IN on THE FUN! Follow @fit_witch_challenge and #fitwitchchallenge on Instagram for tips, encouragement, and inspiration from other wellness witches! Or join the Fit Witch Challenge Coven below for updates, freebies, and more!

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